Easiest Path To Casual Sex: Spotting Vulnerable Chicks & Playing On Their Insecurities

I’m sure you’re hoping to get laid as soon as possible. And you definitely can do that if you sign-up for one of the 4 casual sex sites we recommend. In fact, one of our guys hooked up with a woman within 12 hours after signing up for PassionSearch.com. It’s very uncommon to get laid that quickly, but there’s no reason you can’t hookup within a few days or weeks after signing up. You just need to know how to find the women that are down to fuck right away. That’s what this article was written for!

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What type of women are the easiest? The vulnerable ones. Not only are they easy to hookup with quickly, they’re also easy to spot. You can’t always tell straight from their profile – although sometimes you can – but you can almost always tell soon after beginning a discussion with them.

Vulnerable women make certain comments that indicate they need to get laid IMMEDIATELY

When you’re chatting for a girl or searching through her profile, pay attention for the comments similar to the ones below. They’re angry, upset, and need to get their mind off their problems by getting laid. So if you see comments similar to these, make your move RIGHT AWAY….

  • “My ex is an asshole and cheated on me with some nasty ho.” (Getting revenge sex)
  • “I haven’t been laid in more than 6 months.” (She’s horny and needs some cock)
  • “I grew up in a religious household and now I’m ready to let loose.” (Religious girl on the prowl)

Slightly Overweight Women Are Even Easier

We’re not going to lie – we slept with our share of slightly overweight women. We’re not talking about total heffers. But we looked for some pretty faces with a few extra pounds. Why? Because they’re easy and down to fuck right away – almost all of them. These types of women can’t just walk into a bar and get laid as quickly as a hot girl, so they sign-up for casual sex sites. They are easy “casual” lays. You hardly even have to put in effort to hookup with them.

Don’t go for the 250-pound women. They’re even easier but you’ll need to down at least 10 beers in order to get turned on. Find the 5’s and 6’s that have a nice rack, pretty face, and a few extra pounds. A “BBW”, as they say. Most of the women you find on the good casual sex sites will fit into this category. Sure, you can still go after the hot women, but if you’re just wanting a quick fuck, it’s best to go for the slightly overweight women or the vulnerable chicks. The hot women have more options so you’ll have to be more persistent and patient with them. Spotting easy girls for casual dates is the best way to find casual sex.

3 Questions To Ask A Woman To Find Out If She’s Vulnerable

Ask these 3 questions early on in the conversation to find out how vulnerable she is…

  1. “What happened with you and your most recent boyfriend?”
  2. “How long has it been since you’ve been laid?”
  3. “Why did you sign-up for this site?”