Basic Casual Dating Strategy – Use AT LEAST Two Casual Dating Sites

Let’s say you decide to go out to the bars looking to get laid. You have a few drinks at one bar, flirt with some girls, move onto the next bar, drink a few more drinks, flirt with a few more girls. And then onto the next bar, etc. If you’re lucky, you end up banging some drunk skank that you never hear from again. Then if you want to get laid the following weekend, you have to go back out to the bars, buy more drinks, and hookup with another random chick.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find just one (or 2, or 3, etc.) woman that was available whenever you’re feeling frisky? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to go out and spend $50 a night on drinks every time you wanted to get laid? And that doesn’t even include the amount of effort put into it.

A Highly Effective Strategy On Casual Dating Sites: The More The Merrier

Most dating sites range from $25-$40 per month. So you might think it’s far too expensive to sign-up for more than 1. But here’s the thing – how much money will you save by using dating sites as opposed to going out to bars? You could save hundreds of dollars per month. Like I said, you’re probably not going to find a regular hookup in a bar. If you get laid, it’s likely a one-night stand. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but you’re going to want a regular fuck buddy.

I like to think of using multiple dating sites in the same way I do for someone that goes out to the bars looking to get laid. Most people don’t spend an entire Friday/Saturday night out at one bar. They go to 2 or 3. At each bar, they scope out the hotties, buy a couple of drinks, and then move onto the next one until they find their booty call for the evening.

In any given bar, you’ll probably find a few hotties, some fat chicks, and some average looking women. You can’t expect every hot girl in a bar to be interested in you. But if you talk to enough of them and have a little game, chances are you’ll end up going home with someone. However, it’s quite likely that one bar won’t be enough. You’ll probably need to go to at least 2-3 bars in order to approach enough women to find the right one. By the end of the night, you’re a drunken mess and out $100.

Casual sex dating sites are very similar, except they’re less expensive. Sure, we found 4 that we think highly of and believe you can find someone on any of them. But we also need you to understand that online dating is a numbers game. Contacting as many women as possibly will significantly increase your chances of getting laid. That is exactly what we did. We contacted darn near every attractive woman we found, while using 2-3 dating sites at a time. Because of this strategy, we always had women to choose from.

If you follow our casual dating tactics, you will get laid. And not just by any random women. You’ll be having sex REGULARLY with very attractive women. Sign-up for 2-3 dating sites AT ONCE, from our list of recommended sites (PassionSearch, Xpress, NoStringsAttached, Passion). Be an active member on each of the sites you choose, contact as many women on those sites as possible, while following our advice on profile creation, talking to women, etc. We GUARANTEE you will get laid using this strategy.