Setting Up The Date & Closing The Deal

Most women that meet a guy on a casual sex dating site are willing to have sex…on the first date. That’s good news for you. But you can’t celebrate just yet. Just because she’s willing to put out doesn’t mean she will. If you show up looking like a slob and acting like a jerk, she’ll be texting her girlfriends to come bail her out. That’s happened to me before, so I know it can happen!

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The first step to impressing her on a first date is picking the right place to meet. Strategically select an environment that is conducive towards getting her in the mood and ensuring she has fun. Bad places to meet for a first date include…

  • Your House
  • A Restaurant
  • A Movie Theater
  • A Strip Club (tried this once and won’t ever do it again!)
  • A Casino
  • A Dance Club
  • A Crowded Bar

The above date ideas do seem fun. I mean, to me, an evening of playing some blackjack at a casino, followed by a trip to the Strip Club sounds like a fun evening. But that’s a Boys Night Out kind of evening. So what’s wrong with going out to dinner? EVERYTHING! You’ll probably have a wait for a table, then you’ll sit down and wait to order drinks, then you wait for your food, then you wait to pay the bill, and then you leave. By the time you’ve left, you’re either stuffed, tired or just plain not in the mood anymore.

Plus, you’ll be expected to front the bill. What if she orders a $30 steak, a few drinks, and a dessert? You’re out $50 just for her bill. To heck with that! I don’t EVER spend much money on a girl I only plan on having sex with. I save my money to spend on women I’m interested in having a long-term relationship with.

When you meet someone on a casual sex dating site, you shouldn’t use the same approach to a first date as you would if you met them on or another regular dating site. Yes, the concept is the same – you need to impress her, show her a good time, and pay the bill. However, the approach needs to be more aggressive. You don’t need to share your life goals and your past achievements with a woman you met on a casual dating site. She doesn’t give a shit! Impress her with your sense of humor, confidence, and style.

And once you’re sure she’s digging you, get her the heck out of there and into your bed IMMEDIATELY! Strike while the iron is hot. What did I say earlier about the women you meet being ready to get it on with a guy on a first date? So don’t sit around at some restaurant exchanging life stories. Instead…


This is the best place to take a woman on a first date. Have 1-2 drinks, work your magic, and offer to take her back to your place (or back to hers). Don’t chat for too long. You’ll run the risk of her losing interest in you. Sit down, have a drink or 2, wow her with your amazing sense of humor, and then get the hell out of the bar. Never go to a crowded, loud bar. You can’t hear each other talk. Pick a quiet bar. If the bar has a couch or comfortable booths, it’s a bonus.