Before You Start – Learning to Avoid Casual & Sex Dating Scams

Have you ever signed up for a dating site, took a look at the profiles and thought, “this looks too good to be true”? On most of the sites, your initial thought was correct. Casual dating sites are a multi-million dollar industry. There is also a ton of competition between the sites. They want your business so each site must do something extraordinary to stand out amongst the competition.

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Because every casual sex site is competing for your hard earned dollars, there are many casual online dating scams. How does a dating site attract more male members? By showcasing profiles of attractive women. Therefore, it’s quite common for a site to create a bunch of fake profiles with stunningly beautiful women. We’ve found these sites and have exposed them. In our negative reviews section, you can read a more in-depth description about each of the scam sites, but for now let’s take a look at 2 of the obvious casual dating scams we encountered…

  • – This site appears normal and legit at the start, but once you sign-up, you’re in for a rude awakening. There are far too many women on this site that look WAY too perfect to be real.
  • – You wouldn’t know this site was a scam at first glance. Then it becomes obvious when, just like, the women are too hot to be real.

Fake Profiles Aren’t The Only Casual Dating Scams

There are many more types of scams you need to be aware of. Some of the scams don’t actually involve the dating site owners. There are actual site members that are scam artists. They include the following…

  • Escorts/Hookers (is there really even a difference?)
  • Women attempting to scam you out of money
  • People promoting something

Much like the fake profile scams, these types of scam artists use photos of attractive women to lure men in. They create regular looking profiles, posing as pretty women that are looking for the same thing as you – casual, no-strings attached sex. Spotting these scammers can be a bit tricky. They’re creative and sneaky when writing their profiles.

Why should you be cautious of these types of scams? Because you could end up losing a lot of money. Women pose as regular members that live in a different city than you do. Let’s say you live in San Diego and meet a woman that claims to reside in Boston. It’s not cheap to travel clear across the country. So she’ll sucker you into paying for her travel expenses. She’ll ask you to send her a money order to cover the costs. Then she’ll pocket your money and never show up. A general rule of thumb to go by is to NEVER pay for travel expenses on a first date.

Escorts and Hookers use casual sex sites to market their services. It’s a brilliant marketing idea. She’ll act interested in you, then give out her number. Once you call her, she informs you that “nothing in life is free”. That’s code for “if you want to do me, you better have $200!

We don’t want to see you get scammed. Avoid signing up for ANY of the casual sex sites we gave a negative review to. Those sites are filled with scams of all kinds. If you sign-up for any, some, or all of the recommended casual dating sites, we 100% guarantee you won’t run into ANY scammers. Those sites are legit and the website owners do a fantastic job of keeping the scammers away.