Casual Dating Profiles Are NOT The Same As Regular Dating: Read This Carefully Before Posting!!

If you’ve tested out some relationship dating sites, you probably know the type of dating profile content that attracts women. They look for funny, outgoing, intelligent, and mature men. But when it comes to writing your casual sex dating profile, you can throw almost all of that out the window. A casual dating profile needs to be edgy and make you appear experienced with women. And maybe a bit cocky too.

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Women on these types of sites are looking for a quick, but regular lay. They’re not into playing games or sitting around waiting for someone to come to them. They want a man that is strong, aggressive, and confident. Your profile must convince women you have those traits. Although it would be nice if you could just be yourself and get laid on these casual sex sites, that’s unlikely to happen. Women don’t want to sleep with just some boring, ordinary guy. They want to screw a fantasy (think James Bond, Steve McQueen, etc.).

The Top 3 “Interests” That Work Perfectly In Creating An Edgy Casual Dating Profile

1.”I’m not going to ramble on about my love of baseball, boating, and heavy metal because you probably don’t care. Instead, I’ll talk about my MAIN interest – pleasing women. I guess you could say my ability to make a woman scream (not at me) is a skill I’ve perfected…and you would be right. If you’re lucky, I’ll prove it to you!”

2.”I like to do whatever it takes to satisfy a woman. I’m interested in YOU. That’s how I get off. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely will take the lead in bed, but my pleasure comes from seeing to it that you’re 100% satisfied.”

3.”What are we supposed to write here? I suppose I could mention my addiction to playing Words With Friends, but that’s probably not going to get me laid…unless Words With Friends gets you all hot and bothered. I’m guessing that it doesn’t, so I’ll just say that I can have a good time doing just about anything as long as it’s with a woman I can connect with.”

3 Most Effective Profile “Descriptions” That Get Her Attention

1.”I get my pleasure out of giving women pleasure. The sight of a completely satisfied woman is my idea of a good time. It’s at this point where I know I’ve done my job. I don’t EVER leave a woman unsatisfied because that’s not what a REAL man does. You get yours, I get mine…we’re both happy. Every time.”

2.”I’m an accomplished romance/sex short-story writer that wants to act out one of my written fantasies. I’d also like to sit down with a lovely lady and hear about her fantasies, and then act them out as well. This can be an ongoing thing. Maybe we could even brainstorm ideas together and then act them out. How fun does that sound?”

3.”They say if you settle for anything less than you feel you deserve, you’ll never be happy. So I refuse to settle for a woman that doesn’t meet my standards and won’t give me the same pleasure I promise to give her. Does that make me cocky? Perhaps, but the woman that chooses me will have just as much fun as I will!”

Profile Picture Advice: Keep It Classy, Bro

Think women get turned on by pictures of your junk? Think again! Women have no interest in seeing a picture of your junk right away – even on casual sex dating sites. They’re after a fantasy – not a disgusting pervert. Your profile picture should be classy and attractive. If it is, your profile will receive many clicks. You don’t have to be the best looking guy in the world, but you must look presentable. Here are 3 tips to help you do that…

  • Take the pictures (at least 2-3 of them) in good lighting
  • Have your hair professionally styled before taking the pics
  • Wear stylish clothing that’s not too preppy