Do What’s Below And You *WILL* Get Laid On Casual Dating Sites.

Chances are you found our website by searching Google. You may have typed in casual sex strategies or casual dating tactics. A while back, that’s exactly what we did. We didn’t know much about online dating or getting laid. So we started typing random terms associated with casual sex into Google, hoping to land on some website that would teach us everything we needed to know. The goal was to learn the ropes so we could eventually teach others how we went from hopeless guys that ended up getting laid easily. Here’s the sum of our knowledge, for your reading pleasure.

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Avoiding casual dating scams: buyer beware!
Your first order of business will be to avoid the thousands of FAKE casual dating sites. There are so many of these scams, that we couldn’t review all the fake sites. We include this section so that you can spot fake sites on your own if they aren’t in our “scams” list.
Create a casual dating profile that gets a 90% reply rate
The first thing women do after reading your first email is check your profile. Learn to create a profile that women love, and get them to reply back to you instantly! This is the one thing most guys overlook!
Our BEST strategy: using multiple dating sites to fill your chick pipeline
Cast a wider net, get more fish. Using a few dating sites SIMULTANEOUSLY using the EXACT SAME TACTICS will triple the women you meet!
Spotting fake profiles, escort profiles: never get fooled again!
Online dating sites are a breeding ground for escorts, prostitutes and scammers. They all use the same tactics to try to get you to send them money. Learn to spot and avoid these people quickly using the advice in this section.
Easiest path to sex: spotting vulnerable women quickly!
On any dating site, you will have women that are vulnerable. They may just have been cheated on. Maybe they just broke up with a long-term boyfriend. These are prime targets for one night stands. Ask these questions to spot them quickly! They are your best best to getting laid quickly!
First (intro) emails that work: examples of what to say
We tested a whole bunch of first emails on different sites. These are the ones that got the best results.
Bulletproof first date tactics: maximizing your chances for sex
Here’s how to create a foolproof first date plan that will maximize your chances for having sex on the first date. We cover date logistics

We read a casual sex guide on some website whose domain is no longer registered (big surprise!). After reading that COMPLETELY FAKE GUIDE FULL OF PROMISES – which cost us $19.99 (we thought it was a steal at that price) – we followed their strategies. They told us to…

  • Sign-up for an online dating site
  • Create an amazing profile
  • Contact every woman in our local area
  • Copy and paste their email templates
  • Respond immediately to emails
  • Be Mr. Funny Guy
  • Be ourselves


3 months into our experiment, we still weren’t having sex. How could this be? The site that sold us that guide promised we would get laid? They claimed their strategies were proven. We decided to ditch the guide and just admit to ourselves that we would either have to settle for average-ugly women or not have sex at all. Then, out of shear luck, we met someone just like us that claimed to be pulling some serious tail online. This encounter changed our lives and just might end up changing yours as well.

Online Casual Dating Is Completely Different From Serious Relationship Sites

We let our newfound friend look over the guide we had purchased. The first thing mentioned was that the guide was written more towards someone seeking a long-term relationship. The advice may have been slightly helpful for a member. But you have to understand that your strategy when seeking casual hookups must be completely different from when you’re trying to find a long-term relationship. Women just looking for casual sex aren’t after the same types of men as they are when they’re looking for a relationship. You don’t have to be Mr. Right. You have to be Mr. Right Now.

So we completely changed our strategy. We also started using better dating sites. The sites we were using at first were complete garbage (most of them are SCAMS). Soon after, getting laid became as simple as riding a bike. Our online dating profiles were more intriguing. Our emails were stronger. And the website’s we signed up for were more legit. There are only 4 legit casual dating sites online. The rest are scams.

Our new friend showed us the basics of getting laid online. It was up to us to perfect our skills and start meeting women. After a few years of testing out casual dating sites, we know exactly what it takes to get laid by hot women and where to find them. And we’ve created a guide that will teach you our exact strategies. If you want to get laid, read this casual sex guide and follow it completely. If you don’t, there’s a 90% chance you’ll just end up wasting your time and money.