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Silver 1-month membership ($29.95) , Silver 3-month membership ($19.98 per month) , Gold 1-month membership ($34.95) , Gold 3-month membership ($23.32 per month) Gold 12-month membership ($12.50 per month)

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On August 3, 2012
Last modified:November 6, 2012


Ranked #2 In Our List Of Best Casual Dating Sites. Not as good as our #1 site, but we had great results from this site!

Xpress is a somewhat new, but relevant casual sex dating site. We spent 6 months trying to score some poontang on Xpress. After the 6 months were up, we decided to renew our membership because we had such a pleasant experience and hooked up with some amazing women. We have absolutely no complaints with Xpress, and here’s why…

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Our Xpress.com Strategy: Getting Quick Dates Off Xpress.com

Waiting to get laid sucks. We spent far too much time on crummy dating sites, only to come to the realization that sex wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately, Xpress is completely different. 11 times, we slept with a woman on Xpress on the first date. You might not have this exact amount of success, but if you follow this strategy, you’ll have no problems getting laid quickly…

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Try the #2 casual dating site: Xpress.com

GET HER ON WEBCAM RIGHT AWAY! After you send her an email and she responds, offer to join you for a webcam session. Women on Xpress are very receptive to these offers. It gives them a better idea of who you are and she can hear your voice. Just don’t screw things up and act like a dickhead.

How Are The Chicks On Xpress.com: Xpress.com Expectation Management

Like hooking up with attractive women? We do too! You can do that on Xpress. There are so many to choose from. It’s a shame we didn’t have enough time to sleep with every hottie we set-up a date with (more on this below). But the ones we did hookup with were AWESOME in the sack!

Many dating sites create a bunch of fake profiles and also some Escorts/hookers will create profiles in an attempt to scam men. We HATE those sites. We didn’t encounter any profiles, hookers, or scam artists on Xpress. Everyone we chatted with seemed cool and REAL.

Our Xpress.com Trials: 3 Months On Xpress.com

We kept track of everything we did on each dating site we reviewed. Each site was reviewed by 5 guys residing in 5 different cities throughout the United States (Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York). Here is a list of our results…

540 introductory emails sent
299 replies received
35 dates set-up
15 dates showed up for
11 women slept with

As mentioned in our other reviews, we simply could not find the time to actually show up for most of these dates. There’s just not enough time in the day. Of the ones we did show up for – 15, to be exact – on Xpress, we were more than happy. The women we met were cool chicks and very attractive. And most of them were ready to fuck on the first date (added bonus).

Best Xpress.com Features For Rookies

For members to get laid on a casual sex dating site, they need to have access to quality features such as Instant Messaging, video chat, emailing, etc. Xpress makes things easy for its members by providing them with high-quality dating site features. We wouldn’t have had as much success if not for many of these cool features. We’re not going to list all of them (we’d need a lot more typing space), but we have compiled our 3 favorites…

Webcams – It’s nice to actually get to see the person you’re chatting with up-close and personal. You can only find out so much about a woman from her profile content and photos. We got to see a bit more of the women we met before getting together offline, and it made our decision to set-up a date much easier.
Sign-up Convenience – Nothing is more annoying than having to spend countless hours signing up for a dating site. Xpress is a simple sign-up and it doesn’t take long to create a profile.
In-depth Profiles – When you sign-up, you’re required to enter a certain number of characters in your profile description. That’s good news for you because you won’t see as many profiles of women that don’t fully explain what they’re looking for.

Xpress.com Costs & Plans

There are 3 types of memberships on Xpress – Basic, Silver, Gold. The Basic Membership is free and gives you access to viewing profiles and creating your own. But it really doesn’t give you much of a chance to get laid. A Silver Membership allows you to contact all members and view their profiles. A Gold Membership gives you the same access, plus you’re able to view member webcams and videos and your profile will be featured at the top of search results. Pricing for each plan is as follows…

Silver 1-month membership ($29.95)
Silver 3-month membership ($19.98 per month)
Gold 1-month membership ($34.95)
Gold 3-month membership ($23.32 per month)
Gold 12-month membership ($12.50 per month)

What Do We Think Of Xpress.com?

Overall, Xpress was our 2nd favorite casual dating site for many reasons. Most notably – we had an easier time getting laid by hot women on Xpress than any other site not named PassionSearch.com. You’ll find more attractive women in your area on Xpress than you will at a bar. And you’ll pay less for a monthyl membership than you would for an evening of drinks.

You can’t go wrong with this casual sex dating site. There are no disadvantages to signing up. As we mentioned, the site features are top-notch, the women are very attractive, and the chances of getting laid are high. So get yourself signed up today, create a profile, pay for a membership, and then come back to our website for advice on how you can get laid on Xpress and other casual sex dating sites. Here’s to you hooking up with some HOT women!