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Silver ($19.98 per month for 3-months or $29.95 for 1-month) and Gold ($23.32 per month for 3-months or $34.95 for 1-month)

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On August 3, 2012
Last modified:January 29, 2013


Ranked #1 In Our List Of Best Casual Dating Sites. By far the best casual dating site out there! We had excellent results using PassionSearch.

If you’re looking for the Daddy Mack of casual sex dating sites, look no further than PassionSearch. The success we had on this site was insane! Women were all over us and we were all over them. It’s just a shame we couldn’t hookup with more women than we did thanks to scheduling conflicts (explained below).

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This review was created to give you an idea of what to expect on PassionSearch and some advice on how to have success. Upon signing up, make sure you come back to our website and read through our FREE casual sex dating guide. The strategies we teach in our guide worked out well for us on PassionSearch and will do the same for you.

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Our Strategy: Getting Quick Dates Off

Since the sign-up process is quick and easy (and sort of fun), you should jump right into the action. Get signed up, and start firing away a bunch of emails to the attractive women you find. Go after the 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s. There are TONS of them on PassionSearch.

Make sure the emails you send out are creative, witty, and original. Read her profile before sending her an email. You need to make note of something from her profile to ensure she believes the message is personal and not just a canned email you send to dozens of women.

How Are The Chicks On Expectation Management

As mentioned above, there are plenty of cute to hot women on PassionSearch. There are even some 8’s and 9’s in many major cities (and probably some in small towns as well). The women we spoke to and hooked up with seem very down to earth. There aren’t a bunch of snobby, arrogant women that think they’re too good to hookup with an average guy. No casual sex dating site has a higher percentage of attractive women than PassionSearch.

Our Trials: 3 Months On

We kept track of everything we did on each dating site we reviewed. Each site was reviewed by 5 guys residing in 5 different cities throughout the United States (Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York). Here is a list of our results…

360 introductory emails sent
245 replies received
37 dates set-up
16 dates showed up for
12 women slept with

In case you’re wondering why the discrepancy in number of dates set-up versus dates showed up for, it was impossible to show up for every date. We were working multiple sites at a time and had scheduling conflicts on quite a few occasions. We didn’t have sex with every woman we met on PassionSearch because we either slept with a woman on a first date or we gave up on her.

With 3-4 dating sites being reviewed at a time, we didn’t have the luxury of being patient with these women. Fortunately, most women on PassionSearch are looking to get laid right away. But the ones that weren’t, we didn’t continue seeing.

Best Features For Rookies

If you asked us to list 20 cool features on PassionSearch, we could. But that would take too long. Instead, we’ll share with you our 3 favorite, unique dating site features…

The Sign-up Process – This site is probably the easiest dating site to sign-up for. It’s fast, convenient, and simple. You don’t have to answer 100 pointless questions or sign your life away. And, it’s kind of fun!
Instant Messaging – When you first log-in to PassionSearch, as long as you’re listed as “Available”, women can contact you right away or you can contact them. You don’t have to access a separate platform to communicate via IM on PassionSearch.
Advanced Search – Tired of dating sites that don’t allow you to filter out the women you’d never want to bang? So are we! Fortunately, PassionSearch gives you enough search options to prevent you from having to search through dozens of profiles of nasty women! Costs & Plans

There are 3 types of accounts on PassionSearch (Free, Silver, Gold). We recommend the Gold plan because it will significantly increase your odds for getting laid. The free plan should never be used for more than just checking the site out. You won’t have much of a chance of getting laid. Here’s a look at the Gold and Silver plans.

Silver ($19.98 per month for 3-months or $29.95 for 1-month) – View and contact all members, reply to emails, IM, 100-day guarantee
Gold ($23.32 per month for 3-months or $34.95 for 1-month) – All Silver Member features plus profile listed at the top of search results and access to member webcams.

What Do We Think Of

It’s quite clear at this point how we feel about PassionSearch. So many attractive women, so little time! At least that was our ONLY problem with this site! The membership fees are very affordable, which is an added bonus. Although we do love PassionSearch and think you’ll greatly benefit from signing up, don’t forget to check out,, and They’re all great casual sex dating sites and you should also sign-up for at least one of them. More women = more sex!