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On August 3, 2012
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iHookup Is a SCAM! Do Not Join iHookup!

iHookup.com is a fitting name for this casual sex dating site. If you sign-up for iHookup.com, that’s all you will be doing – hooking up on the Internet. You won’t actually meet the women you’re chatting with. They won’t want to go on a date with you…unless you’re Brad Fucking Pitt. The women of iHookup.com are complete snobs. They are average looking women (at best) that, for some reason, think they’re hot shit.

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The women we encountered literally told us they will only go for a “super hot guy”. We responded to them by saying they are 5’s at best and so they shouldn’t set their sights quite so high. Although we’ve dealt with some beeyotches on casual sex dating sites, none have been like the women we chatted with on iHookup.com. If these women are 10’s (like they think they are), we’re 11’s.

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The funny thing is we are out of THEIR league. We’re not trying to sound arrogant with that comment. In fact, as we’ve mentioned many times on this site, we’re merely average to slightly above average guys. We’re definitely not 10’s. So for us to say we’re out of their league, it just goes to show how mediocre the women of iHookup.com are. And to think these nasty skanks think they’re entitled to hooking up with a “super hot guy” is ridiculous.

What’s Wrong With iHookup.com?

There’s nothing more annoying than an average or ugly girl thinking she’s hot shit. You’ve probably encountered skanks like this. They get their snobbish attitude by hooking up with a hot guy when he was completely hammered, so they think they’re hot shit. Hot guys only go after hot women…unless they’re wasted. These women are too dumb to understand that.

There weren’t very many hotties on iHookup.com. So we stuck with mostly contacting the 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s (being generous with rating some of them 6’s). Any straight guy with a pair of eyes would have rated these women in the 4-6 range. However, those skanks felt they were perfect 10’s. We asked one of the girls why she’s so picky and she responded by letting us know that she knows she’s hot. When we asked her why she thought that, she said because she hooks up with hot guys. What a moron!

Our iHookup.com Ratings

Quality of Dating Site Features: D
Attractiveness of Women: D-
Activity of Women on Site: D-
Ability to Meet Attractive Women: D-
Overall Site Rating: D-

iHookup.com Conclusion

We don’t care much for snobby women that overrate themselves. It’s one thing to be hot and picky. Smokin’ hot women can get away with that. But a woman that’s average looking, at best, should be less picky. The average women on iHookup.com were completely fully of themselves and can rot in hell as far as we’re concerned.