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On August 3, 2012
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Casual Dates Is a SCAM! Do Not Join Casual Dates!

We sent a total of 351 emails to prospective hookups on Of those 351 emails, we received a response 33 times (that’s approximately a 9% response rate for those of you math majors). 7 of those responses were from women that had already responded to our emails before. Why were we sending emails to the same women multiple times? We shall explain…

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There were 3 categories of women on – butt ugly, hooker, fake. So, as you can see, our options were limited. Hence, the reason why we contacted the same women multiple times. On a good dating site, you need about 5 responses from women for every offline sexual encounter you have. Between the 5 of us, we averaged about 6 responses per person on But that number is misleading. About 1/5 of the responses were from the same women. Which brings us to the funny side of…

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Casual Dates Is a SCAM! Click The Image Above For Our Top 3 Sites.

What’s Wrong With

The 7 responses we received from the same women were quite entertaining. 3 of them were from women that told us a completely different story from the first time we spoke to them. In one of the original responses, she was an unmarried woman looking for a regular fuck buddy. The next time she responded to our email, she was married and just wanted a fuck buddy once in a while when her husband wasn’t around.

This woman pretty much sums up the type of females you will encounter on They’re very dishonest. And if they aren’t dishonest, they’re not much to look at…or they’re hookers. Your options will be very limited if you sign-up for You’re either going to have to settle for a butt ugly chick or pay for sex, while running the risk of the Cops catching you. Either way, you’re going to have a miserable experience.

Our Ratings

Quality of Dating Site Features: D-
Attractiveness of Women: D-
Activity of Women on Site: F
Ability to Meet Attractive Women: F
Overall Site Rating: F Conclusion was arguably the worst casual sex dating site we reviewed. We had no success on this site, and only had a lower email response rate (make sure you read that review to find out just how bad that site was!). There is very little chance you will get laid on, and an even slimmer chance you’ll hookup with an attractive woman that isn’t going to make you pay her for sex. So don’t make a costly mistake by signing up for Try out or one of the other recommended, reliable casual sex dating sites.