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On August 3, 2012
Last modified:January 29, 2013


Casual Click Is a SCAM! Do Not Join Casual Click!

After our first day on, we considered canceling our membership. But before we started this review project, we swore to each other that we would see it through, no matter how bad the site was. Truth be told – we knew on Day 1 we weren’t getting laid on There were too many clear Red Flags (see below).

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Despite that, we stuck with it. We tried charming women (the few attractive ones we found). We stayed patient but there was really no point to it. is a useless casual sex dating site with limited capabilities. In case you’re wondering why this site is lame, please continue reading…

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Casual Click Is a SCAM! Click The Image Above For Our Top 3 Sites.

What’s Wrong With

Although we were patient and persistent, there just weren’t many attractive women to contact on The first few profiles we clicked on were gorgeous women. They had absolutely no flaws and looked like porn stars. You know, the type you jerk off to all the time (we do too!). So what are we complaining about? We knew these were fake profiles. In fact, these profiles were the first Red Flags. Yes, there are many attractive women online. But women with no flaws that are perfect 10’s aren’t signing up for online dating sites.

These types of women can go anywhere and just pick out guys to hookup with. Many dating sites create fake profiles of perfect women to convince guys to sign-up. This is one of those sites. The second Red Flag was the lack of 6’s and 7’s – the women we typically go for on casual sex dating sites. These women are attractive and real. But there weren’t very many of them in any of the 5 major cities we reviewed. The women were either obviously fake or very unattractive. It was quite frustrating to not find our type of women.

Our Ratings

Quality of Dating Site Features: D
Attractiveness of Women: F
Activity of Women on Site: D-
Ability to Meet Attractive Women: F
Overall Site Rating: F Conclusion

We’ve given you many reasons why we dislike Unfortunately, we can’t share with you the things we liked about There weren’t any. No real hot women, no fun times, and no sex. We’re not even going to bother trying to compare to one of the 4 casual dating sites we recommend. There is no comparison.