SMS Flirting Tips For When You Have Her Number

Nowadays, a cell phone is the most valuable flirting tool around. Women love it when a guy sends them a flirty text. She’ll read it, smile, and hopefully the message will do wonders for increasing your chances of getting laid. I’ve used SMS messages to my advantage many times. I use texting as a means for getting her more interested in me. Every text I send to a woman I want to hookup with, there’s a purpose to it. That purpose is to…

  • Make her think I’m an interesting guy…
  • With sex appeal
  • So she will want my cock

Don’t send meaningless texts to her

You can’t text a girl you’re trying to hookup with about your crappy job, your annoying family, or your maxed out credit cards. Save those conversations for your buddies. By texting her crap like that, you’ll confuse her. She might start wondering if you’re just wanting a friend or a hookup. Plus, she doesn’t give a shit that your boss is an asshole. She wants your cock, not to hear you whine and complain about your miserable life. So instead of doing that, try this…

 Send meaningfull texts to her

Send meaningfull texts to her

How to flirt with a girl through SMS

  • Keep each message short – long messages are annoying and might not be responded to
  • Be funny and playfully tease her
  • Compliment her, but don’t do it too often or she’ll think you’re insecure or acting fake
  • When talking sex, don’t come off as a disgusting pervert
  • Use occasional smiley faces because women go crazy for that shit

Each message should be short. Women hate reading long messages. The funnier, the better. But don’t try too hard to humor her. Let the comments come naturally. Guys that try too hard to sound funny make a fool of themselves. When giving her compliments, again, don’t try too hard. Women love being complimented, but they hate it when a guy compliments her every 5 minutes.

 Women hate reading long messages

Women hate reading long messages

Example of a flirty text conversation

“What are you up to?”

“Thinking about what I’m going to do to you tomorrow…”

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?”

“Take you out for some drinks…”


“Stimulate you with some amazing conversation…”

“You’re such a tease”

“…and then you’ll just have to wait and see…”