Why CasualDatingGuide.com Exists

Before we began reviewing casual dating sites, our knowledge of these sites was limited. Most of what we knew was based on the minimal experience we had using the sites or from reviews we read. After spending many months on these casual dating websites, we learned that the reviews we read were totally bogus. They were obviously written by biased parties.

We built this site so you won’t have to go through the same challenges we faced. We’re going to share with you the sites that really are legit and the ones that are not. The main purposes of CasualDatingGuide.com is to expose the many casual dating site scams, teach our readers the proper strategies for getting laid, and to direct you to casual dating sites that truly do give men an opportunity to hookup with attractive women.

Getting To Know Us

Our general bios are listed below. We are 5 regular dudes that use the Internet to meet and hookup with women. We’re not interested in one-night stands, but understand many casual dating relationships end up as a one-time thing. We’re more after women that are looking for an ongoing, casual relationship.

We are not guys most women would consider “studly”, nor are we wealthy. But we found out how to overcome our lack of wealth and looks to attract women. We spent between 6-9 months testing out each site. We gave a fair shake to each site and implemented the same strategies for meeting women.

What we found is most of the sites are a total joke. There are hookers, escorts, fake profiles, and people trying to scam you out of money on many of these sites. At first, we didn’t know the online dating scam signs. But we quickly picked up on clear indications that the person we were chatting with wasn’t whom they made us believe they were.

We don’t want you to sign-up for a casual sex site and hookup with just any random girl. That’s not what we created this site for and that’s not what we did. We went after attractive women. If they were a 7 or better (sometimes a 6), we went after them. We refused to settle for anything less because – let’s face it – it’s sure a heck of a lot more fun hooking up with a hottie than an average/ugly/fat woman.

If we can attract and hookup with pretty girls, you certainly can. Chances are we’re very similar to you in terms of appearance and status. We don’t have a lot of money. We aren’t the types of men that can make women turn heads. But we know how to get good looking women into our beds.

Before starting our journey into the world of online casual encounters, we really didn’t have any idea what we were getting ourselves into. Could we really meet and sleep with women online? Better yet – could we really meet and sleep with HOT women online? The answer to that question is YES! How did we do that? Well, you’ll just have to read our comprehensive casual dating guide to find out! But first, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you. So here are our 5 bios…

Your Casual Sex Guides

The following 5 bios are of the members of our team that reviewed the 12 casual dating sites. On each site, these 5 regular guys attempted to contact, chat with, and hookup with as many attractive women as possible. As you will learn from their bios, they’re interesting but ordinary dudes that love sex…and know how to get it! If you follow their advice, you will too.
John B.
Age: 29
Location: Miami
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Interests: Sports, boating, traveling, listening to girly music, and gambling away his life savings
Considers Himself (1-10): 6
Interested In: Tall blond women with tattoos and a round ass
Previous Casual Dating Site Experience: None
Jason T.
Age: 32
Location: New York
Occupation:Claims unemployment
Interests: Whatever the woman he’s trying to hookup with is interested in
Considers Himself (1-10): 6 but knows how to appear to be at least an 8
Interested In: Women with tight bodies and blue eyes
Previous Casual Dating Site Experience: None
Steve K.
Age: 24
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Jobs are for responsible people
Considers Himself (1-10): 6
Interested In: Black chicks with big (not fat) asses!
Previous Casual Dating Site Experience: Minimal
Devin G.
Age: 35
Location: Dallas
Occupation: Waiter
Interests: Sex, Internet dating, sex, consuming massive amounts of alcohol, having sex before and after consuming massive amounts of alcohol, watching porn while having sex, and doing needlepoint (not really)
Considers Himself (1-10): 7…on a good day
Interested In:
Previous Casual Dating Site Experience: Some, but not a lot
Brian K.
Age: 28
Location: Dallas
Occupation: Insurance Sales
Interests: Pretty much anything, sports, movies, music, gambling, reading, writing, bla bla bla
Considers Himself (1-10): 5
Interested In: Attractive women that give a mean blowjob
Previous Casual Dating Site Experience: A few months