The Best Tactics For Attracting Women On Casual Online Hookup Dating Sites

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Want to score with some of the hottest babes online? Then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the Casual Dating Guide. We don’t give away cookie-cutter, useless advice on how to meet and sleep with hot women. We’ve tested the “supposed” best 11 casual dating sites, and made a list based on our results. We teach you specific tips and strategies that actually work. If you’ve ever Googled terms such as “how to have a casual dating relationship”, you’ve probably stumbled upon a website that teaches the following tips…

  • Be yourself
  • Be friendly and respectful to women
  • Be funny
  • Be confident

No One Has Ever Gotten Laid With That Cheesy Advice Above … EVER!

We’re not saying you shouldn’t be confident, respectful, and funny. You should. But you aren’t actually going to get laid if you aren’t given specific advice on how to attract women. For example, we could tell you to be funny and confident but if you lack confidence and have an established great sense of humor, that won’t do you any good.

Our casual dating guide is written in a way that breaks down, step-by-step, how to go from inexperienced casual encounters seeker to having mind-blowing casual sex with women you’ve always assumed are way out of your league. If you follow our advice, you WILL get laid. Why are we so confident? Because we’ve been in your shoes – horny guys, craving some casual sex with attractive women but without a clue how to make it happen.

Before we set out to meet women online for sexual relationships, we probably had the same mindset as you. Let’s see if we’re right – hot women will ONLY hookup with men that are hot and/or wealthy, right? A few years back, that’s what we thought. So we figured we should probably focus on the 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s because those women were more “in our league”. We’re not rich, we’re not “hot”, and we came into this thing with minimal experience hooking up with women. But we learned something along the way – everything we thought about what women are looking for in a casual dating relationship was completely wrong.

Somehow, Some Way, We Were Able To Attract Hot Women

When we first signed up for casual dating sites, we never thought we could score with 7’s or above. Here we were – 5 guys in 5 different cities (New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Miami). But we still gave it a shot. Soon after, we were pulling some serious tail. And it wasn’t luck. We learned more and more about women and what they’re looking for in a sexual partner. As we became more experienced, attracting gorgeous women online was easy.

So we decided to write a complex guide that entails our specific strategies. If they worked for us, they sure as hell will work for you. What will you learn in the guide? Profile creation tips, the best (and worst) casual dating sites, how to spot the “right” women that are willing to have sex right away, avoiding the online dating scams, setting up a date, sealing the deal, and much more.

We’ve tested our methods out. We’ve tested the casual dating sites out (6-9 months spent on each site). We’ve learned the most efficient and successful ways for hooking up with attractive women. And now we’re sharing these strategies and important pieces of information with you.